MUSIC MONDAY :: cymbals

have you heard of the cymbals?!
i hadn't either until last month!
and they have been rocking my playlists with their mellowed-out 80's sound ever since!

if there is one thing you should know about me, it's that i have a sharp distaste for the music of said decade. i can handle the leg warmers and the big hair...but MOST of the music makes my skin crawl. 
(i'm just being honest here, people!)

you will find the *rare* cyndi lauper jam in my personal collection and i will admit that i can't get rid of the vintage U2 music that speaks to my soul...but nine times out of ten, i scramble for the knobs on my car radio when i hear any other 80's vibe pop up on the rotation.

that being said...
i LOVE the cymbals!!

what can i say?
i'm a work in progress.
and the heart wants what the heart wants.

please go check out their page on FACEBOOK.


 i hope you are enjoying your sunday. 
it's the best day of the week. 

this is the very beginning of a year-long series where i try to prove that our Heavenly Father is one of the greatest artists around. 
please let me know how i do.
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Happy Birthday, America!

239 years young!
i absolutely LOOOVE the fourth of july.
fireworks are seriously the solution to every problem, no?


i love this video. i love the message.

i feel that i struggle with the overwhelming feeling to do way too much.
this always makes me feel comfort and peace. 
it is my testimony that the Lord works miracles if you let Him. 
"ask and ye shall receive" is maybe one of the simplest pieces of doctrine, but absolutely one of the most powerful. i am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, but the main reason why i love this video is that it rings true for everyone

i hope you felt the message, as i always do when i watch it.

and i quote...

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“There are no such things as limits to growth, because there are no limits on the human capacity for intelligence, imagination and wonder.” 
-Ronald Reagan

Hello, July!

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it is officially the middle of the year.

what a great and exciting time to start blogging....AGAIN.

  yep. i am restarting my blog. 
i deleted all my previous posts and i'm going to strive to make my blog more personal. i now live 1000+ miles from my Utah and North Dakota family and i'm using this vessel to update them on my life here in Chicago. i am so excited to use this space to (hopefully) entertain you. 

speaking of NEW...
i am super excited for this new season in my life.

next month, i start taking online classes through BYU-Idaho. the online program is amazing. a big part of the curriculum is studying the scriptures to gain a better understanding and build your testimony of the gospel. 
***i am over the moon about this opportunity.***

my husband and i are house/condo shopping. we are looking for a place close to where we are living now, but one we can call our own. we would love to stay in the incredible ward we are in. (shoutout to Chicago 1st!) 

on July 7-11, i get the privilege of attending Girl's Camp in LaFayette, Indiana as a youth leader! im super excited. i've never been to Indiana and the girls in my care are awesome. i'm totally looking forward to getting to know everyone better and hopefully be invited again next year! 

this july, i want more:
chips and salsa
big floppy hats
sunny days
fresh flowers
farmers markets
new music
homemade ice cream
warm weather